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The following links have great information for buyer's, such as things to look for when buying a home, a dream sheet to help keep your wants and needs in perspective, and tips for first time home buyers.

Buyer's Guide
The buyer's guide will provide you with insight on what to consider in the buying process, things to look for, and coach you on keeping a focus on what you really want in your next home.

Mortgage Calculator
Find out what you can afford, and how much your monthly payments would be.

Buying Process
Do you have a hard time keeping all the processes in order of buying a house? This flow chart can help.

Buyer's Tips
Some great news articles with information for first time home buyers, pre-construction buyers, interest rates and much more!

Buyers Guide
Mortgage Calculator
The Buying Process
Buyers's Tips

Tips For Buyers
Buying Your First Home? What You Need to Know
You’ve made the decision to make one of the largest investments you’ll ever make in your life-buying your first home. You’re excited, but at the same time anxious. Some of the questions you may be asking are: Will I be able to afford the home of my dreams? Do I have enough money for a down payment? Can I get a home inspected before I make an offer?
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